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{About Me}

Photo by my friend Kimberly Hartmann
Thank you for visiting my page!  Please feel free to join along on my adventures and read about life by me.  

I have always enjoyed taking pictures, video and dabbling in design.  I purchased my first DSLR camera in 2010.  I have enjoyed learning everything that’s possible in the DSLR world!  Most of my entries will include at least a picture or two, or they will be filled with pictures!  I tend to share more pictures on my Facebook page, so feel free to like that page if you want to see more.

I love capturing candid moments and smiles!  I want to capture the moment that will be cherished forever.  I also enjoy taking photographs of landscapes and wildlife.  If you are in the need of a photographer and think I would be good for what you need, feel free to contact me.  If you're really interested, I’m available for international travel!

In June 2007 I met Tony online and we were married October 2013.   He doesn't like being in front of the camera though, unfortunately.  We love our little family which currently consists of us and our dog Baylee (minature American Eskimo) and a cat LB.

I used to have a podcast with my friend called the N3RDc@st where we talked about T.V, movies, books and music!  Since we are no longer doing that podcast I hope to write reviews for TV shows, movies, and books on my page also!

Getting comments is like Christmas to me, so don't be shy, leave as many as you like on my entries! :c)

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