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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Hey! It's OK Tuesday!

Joining in WhisperingWriter's Hey It's OK Tuesday.

Hey it's OK that I took a long break from writing entries and posting pictures.  I was sort of busy preparing for the wedding, then the honeymoon and just now getting settled back down.  I've written 2 entries so far about the wedding (about the disaster cake and surprises my groom had for me), and more to come!

To have taken a hiatus from reading also.  There are so many books I want to read, but I would start one and then not finish because I would get busy with everything that was going on.  Luckily, I get my book time back now- I love books!

Monday, October 29, 2012

Four Surprises [Wedding]

I mentioned in the previous entry just one of the things that didn't go as planned for the wedding.  As I mentioned the cake was nothing like what we expected, there was a change with the catering 3 weeks before the wedding, and the wedding was moved inside due to rain earlier in the day of the wedding.  There were also some things that I didn't know about that my dear loving groom had set up and planned everything for!  Though, I guess there were technically five surprises- I had no clue what the guys were wearing.  Tony's thought was I shouldn't know since he couldn't see my dress before the wedding lol.  

The morning of the wedding I awoke to this on my bed:

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Disaster Cake!

The wedding cake was not something on the top of my importance list when I was planning the wedding.  If you know me, you know photography was one of the main things that mattered to me.   I just wanted to make sure the cake was delicious, and visually appealing!  I'd thought of going the cupcake route, but was blinded by the price of the 3 tier cake at Wal-mart.  I know, I know..Wal-mart?  Really?  [Note: You get what you pay for!]  My grandmother had gotten an awesome birthday cake, and cake for our family reunion from Wal-mart.  The designer was awesome and was able to do what she wanted, and they tasted delicious.  I knew they were awesome at those cakes, but was unsure about wedding cakes.  I looked up reviews online and found a mixture of reviews.  There were good and bad.  Though, since I'd tried the others I figured we could give them a shot.  I now know, it's best to stick with them for sheet cakes, unless your event is in a room temperature 60 degrees or lower, which I will explain below.

Crazy Busy!

Wow!  The last time I wrote an entry on this blog I was in my 20s and single, now I'm 30 and married!  heh  It's been forever since I've posted any pictures on here, I will need to rectify that!  On August 15th was my 30th birthday.  My fiancee (at the time) threw me a surprise party with some of the best people ever!

However, the larger party was on October 6, 2012!  On that day I married my lovely husband.  Things didn't go quite as planned, but how many of them do?  The outcome is what matters though!  And the wedding was awesome and guests have told me they had a blast.  So I'm one happy lady!

I have some personal blog entries I want to write coming up and then get back to posting picture entries!

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