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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

TV Tuesday: Supernatural Live Blog

I'm on the road-in Texas to be exact SO for this week's TV Tuesday I figured I would "live"blog as I watch Supernatural in my hotel room. 

Don't read if you haven't watched and don't want spoilers.
this weeks episode is the return of Charlie-Felicia Day/ and is Wizard of 02 themed.  I loved the opening with the men of letters -it looks like it also flashes back to it.  I love learning More about the Men of letters and when Dean and Sam are in the bunker.

Dean & Sam + 50's Computer = LOL Charlie Hacker to the rescue.

The Supernatural books come back to haunt them LOL

"Whoa Whoa whoa! No Spoilers I haven't read the book Yet!"  "you're going to read the book?" "Yea Dean,I read books."  Love when Sam is nerdy lol

"Pace Yourself Toto."

"What's wrong Darling, Cowardly Lion got your tongue?"

"You were nicer in the book!"

"Something along the lines Of eeeeeeeeeeee . "

"I told You to stay in the Dugeon" "I bet You Say that to all the girls. "

"Is that your Batman voice?"

"There's no place like home ."

Great episode!

0MG Dean as a dog! Can't wait for next week.