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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

TV Tuesday: The Voice [Battle Rounds]

I'm personally glad that the battle rounds are over on The Voice.  I think it's because some of the choices the judges are making are annoying me lol.  Not necessarily who they are choosing as the winner of each battle, but who they are deciding to choose to steal.  They steal one person, but then in the next battle no one steals someone who should go on because of how awesome they did!  There are so many suspenseful action/drama shows right now that the singing shows have moved down on my list lol.  Though they are really nice to listen to while editing pictures.  There's some great talent on The Voice, and on X Factor so far...I guess I'm just ready for the live shows!  Do any of you watch these shows- who do you hope makes it?  From the Voice I love Jacquie Lee and Grey (whoohoo Jacksonville represent!)   I think it's awesome that on both shows there are people that are from my state Florida, specifically up here in N. Florida! :c)