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Sunday, October 30, 2011


I decided to redesign this blog as you might can tell.  Before it was specifically for photography, but I'm making it a general blog and will tag photography posts!

Let me know your thoughts! :c)

Friday, October 21, 2011

Abstract Photography

I am a part of a photography club here in Gainesville.  Actually, I've joined a couple now, but that's besides the point heh.  The photography club I'm mentioning meets once a month and has a theme for the month for the pictures we share.  The theme for this month was "Contemporary" The definition for this was altering reality/abstract.   This isn't something I go out and actively shoot (though sometimes I take them here and there) but I found this fun to try.  When we share photographs we can share 3 of the theme, 3 general, and 2 black and white.  Below are the photographs I shared:

This one was taken from a water spicket.

I had another where the color of the sky/water showed more; however, I like it like this better to make it more subtle that the bottom part is a reflection in the water.

Some others I did not share:

posted this entry before, but want to submit it for: 

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Whispering Close

Recently sculptures were brought into the Gainesville community. I'd only seen one so far and then heard they were removing them.  So I went on a search to find some to take pictures of.  I only found the one, lol so lame.  I blame it on the map because it needed more detail!  Anywho....

This one is named Whispering Close inspired by "Dance in the City" by Pierre Auguste Renoir for the Crossing Paths Project. Sculpture by Seward Johnson.

When you look at the statue from his side it looks like a sweet moment, but she just looks annoyed from her side lol.  Shows you what perspective can do!

I was attempting to be creative with the shots to focus more on their outstretched hands and his hand on her back.  

It looks so much like a painting even though this is a picture.  He did an awesome job on the sculptures!

I also took some pictures on the walk back to the car...