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Thursday, October 17, 2013

Throwback Thursday: Cat in a Tree

Silhouette of Tiger
 If I could pinpoint the first picture I took with a camera that wasn't 'just a snapshot' it would be this one I took when I was younger with a point and shoot camera in my grandma's backyard of one of the kittens we had at the time, Tiger.  I remember being so excited at how this picture came out and I love it to this day.  While I can only imagine what kind of picture I would have gotten with the DSLR camera, I love the simplistic point and shoot quality of this silhouette.
That wasn't the last time I took a picture of a cat in the tree.  This is one of my Grandma's cat Precious.  This one was also with a point and shoot camera.  I have some more pictures of some other cats in trees but I can't find my digital copies, maybe one other TBT!

If you are a photographer, what's the first non-"snapshot" you took?


  1. I love the first one! I read an article once that the camera doesn't really matter... its that you can see that something is worth taking a picture of and capturing it. Precious is so pretty!!

  2. Yup, so true! If you work with the light you can get great pictures with probably almost any picture. Obviously the DSLR helps with quality as far as sharpness and such. Also, with a DSLR you have more control to get exactly what you want. :c)

  3. I changed the thing I'm using for comments and I really like how this is set up...I hope everyone else does too LoL