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Friday, October 21, 2011

Abstract Photography

I am a part of a photography club here in Gainesville.  Actually, I've joined a couple now, but that's besides the point heh.  The photography club I'm mentioning meets once a month and has a theme for the month for the pictures we share.  The theme for this month was "Contemporary" The definition for this was altering reality/abstract.   This isn't something I go out and actively shoot (though sometimes I take them here and there) but I found this fun to try.  When we share photographs we can share 3 of the theme, 3 general, and 2 black and white.  Below are the photographs I shared:

This one was taken from a water spicket.

I had another where the color of the sky/water showed more; however, I like it like this better to make it more subtle that the bottom part is a reflection in the water.

Some others I did not share:

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  1. Gorgeous collection of photos. You have a really great eye for photography. My favorite are the faucets. And those green leaves are lovely too.

  2. Outstanding Photographs ... I really loved seeing them All!

  3. Wow! These are great!! Love the one of the dripping faucet!

  4. Lovely photos. My favourites are the ones of the old statue