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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Crazy Busy!

Wow!  The last time I wrote an entry on this blog I was in my 20s and single, now I'm 30 and married!  heh  It's been forever since I've posted any pictures on here, I will need to rectify that!  On August 15th was my 30th birthday.  My fiancee (at the time) threw me a surprise party with some of the best people ever!

However, the larger party was on October 6, 2012!  On that day I married my lovely husband.  Things didn't go quite as planned, but how many of them do?  The outcome is what matters though!  And the wedding was awesome and guests have told me they had a blast.  So I'm one happy lady!

I have some personal blog entries I want to write coming up and then get back to posting picture entries!

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