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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Thursday's Things That Annoy Me... [ with Linky]

I mentioned in my Hey! It's Ok!  Entry on Tuesday that I was tempted to start a Thursday's Things That Annoy me.  Then I thought that might be too negative.  But really, isn't it nice to write or talk about something that annoys you?  It seems to help annoy less, or at least find others that have the same annoyance.  Anywho.

One thing that annoys me the most is people who don't know how to drive.  It seems there are a lot of people in Gainesville who think they know how to drive but can't.  It seems to get worse around the holidays.  I suppose that's because I live in a college town and that means that the students are getting restless, they want to finish the semester to get home to their families, or vacations.   There are so many instances I could write about, but I'll stick with my biggest pet peeve; which happens year round.

My biggest driving pet peeve is when people do not get over for critical vehicles (Ambulances/Firetrucks/Cops).  Those precious seconds could mean someone's life people!   I just get annoyed every time I see it.

So, what's annoying you today?  Want to get it off your chest?  Feel free to leave it below.  If you do an entry linky below :c)
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