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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Challenge Yourself

A couple weeks ago after work I stopped by the Goodwill on the way home.  I figured I would give myself a challenge.  I looked at their little knick knacks because I was going to get one and photograph it.  That's when I thought it would be a $0.25-$1.00.  the cheapest one was a tiny thing for $2.99; so I determined I'd be able to get something cheaper at the Dollar Tree/Wal-mart.  So in Wal-Mart I got an apple and banana with a piece of $0.20 felt, and a white poster board.  Below is what I came out with.  I think for a mini-self challenge it was pretty fun and I got some nice shots of fruit :c)
Now I want a nice yummy apple :c)

This and the one above (the color version of the same picture) are my favorites

I messed around with editing styles on this one :c)