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Saturday, November 5, 2011

Edit Me Challenge- Week 24

I found the Edit Me Challenge this week and wanted to participate.  They share a picture and we edit and share.  So here's mine with the process I did.  The entry I'm submitting is the last one :c)

 This is the original picture they shared.  If you would like to participate just go to their page here.
First I cropped it and added the Lomo effect.

Next I ran Coffeeshop's Sun Kissed action.

Since it is a vintage looking camera, I was trying to make the picture look  vintage so I ran CS Vintage.
Lastly, I brightened the camera a bit to make it stand out.

And my final :c)

Our tiny BIG Life


  1. This must have been a wonderful photograph to work on, and I just love your final edit.
    Beautifully done Shannon!

  2. I think brightening the camera was really creative, and very cool. I loved the b/w edit before the brightening best, though! Beautiful work!