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Saturday, November 5, 2011

Going to the movies...

Yay!  Saturday!

Yesterday Amber wrote about things not to do in a theater.  So, I thought I would write about a recent trip Tony and I had to the theater.  It had been awhile since we went out to the movies so it was our little date night.  We went to see Paranormal Activity because he loves them.

The movie was good; however I couldn't get all the way into watching the movie.  Usually there is at least one person that decides they would rather be playing on their phone rather than watch the movie.  Which I hate!  As Amber mentioned it's like moths to a flame, my eyes go there.  I try to concentrate on the movie, but can't because they keep going back there.  Luckily there weren't any of those people this time.

However, there were two elderly people in wheel chairs that were brought in.  They "spoke" through the whole movie.  I use the term "spoke" loosely, but basically it was like they were heckling the movie.  It sounded like elderly people when you go to a nursing home, where they aren't quite all there/senile.  The people that brought them finally got up to move them, but they moved them to the hallway where they could still watch, but the sound still echoed through the whole theater.  The people that brought them were in scrubs, so it was almost as if it was an outing from a nursing home, and it didn't seem like the two elderly people were enjoying themselves.  

It was distracting throughout the whole movie.  It was a movie that most people want to get focused into so that they can be scared from the appropriate moments, but that didn't happen with the hecklers.  A couple people actually shushed them a couple of times.  

It was frustrating and sad.  I wish that the people that came with them would have left and asked for a refund for their tickets to come back without them.  

Let's see what develops!

[30 Days of Thankfulness] Day 5:  I am thankful for my pets.  I love them! :c)