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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Process of a redesign

I thought I'd use this entry to show the steps I went through to make the final product for the new blog header.  First was the idea.  I have a paintbrush in photoshop that's a filmstrip.  I thought I'd use that with some of my pictures under a negative filter so that it looks like a negative strip from old film cameras.  Then show the pictures randomly around the banner. Hence the "see what develops" tagline.  I loved this tagline because it can have multiple meanings.  Obviously, with pictures we all want to see what develops from what we take.  Then, this is going to be a life blog as well, so we'll see what develops with this journey.   I love this tagline, which is why I kept it even though I didn't keep the original concept.

This is what I had before, which I still like, but was wanting something different.  

Though I didn't start off very well...[Please don't judge me of my unfinished]

Starting out with the concept, I wanted the film strip, negative pictures, and camera.

Then I played around with some ideas with polaroids and was not liking it at

This is mid-workflow.  I kept moving stuff around and everything.  Tony said the background looked like a cow lol.  I decided I wasn't as into the pictures being in the negative.  I might do something with it again later, but I like what I ended up with :c)
I had this, but changed the background behind the name to black to match how I have been tagging pictures.

I love working with stuff and designing things in photoshop.  Sometimes what I get isn't that great, but keep moving stuff around and brainstorming and most of the time you can come up with some nifty stuff!  Another lesson we can all learn, you may not get it right to begin with, but if you keep trying and working at it you may get something you love :c)

30 days of thankfulness:  I am thankful for family! :c)

Let's see what develops!