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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Thankfulness and Survey

I'll post my 30 days of thankfulness first:  Day 10:  I'm thankful for the freedom to wish and chase our dreams.  I say this because tomorrow is wish day 11:11.  Which is also related to my thankfulness for tomorrow so I'll go ahead and post that... Day 11: I am thankful for the Veterans that have served to protect our lives and our freedoms.  And for tomorrow...
Happy Veterans day! :c)

Now I'll do a survey:
1. What was the last thing you bought online?: music...specifically 3 songs from last night's X Factor show.  I feel like I'm watching the development of a superstar with Rachel Crow on there.  She is amazing and only 13!

2. What was the last class you got a bad grade in?: I think it was Health Vocabulary in college...I just didn't feel like doing

3. The last person you kissed; what does their name begin with?: T

4. What does your last text message say?:  sent a friend a well wish for her sister's wedding tomorrow :c)

5. The last time you remembered your dream, what was it about?: I have dreams all the time and remember them..just not all the full details lol Last night it was like an action adventure movie trying to get away from the bad guys lol

6. What was the last color you painted your room?:  Purple when I was a kid at my grandma's house

7. What was the last book you finished reading? Was it good?:  Finished Silence by Becca Fitzpatrick..OMG it was soooo good!  I love the Hush,Hush Saga and that's been my FAVORITE so far...can't wait til the 4th (And I think final) book!!!!!  Reading the third book of the Hunger Games Series Mockingjay...I started today and I'm up to Chapter 6 so I'd say this one is good too...if you're looking for books to read...I'd also suggest Uglies by Scott Westerfield..I've read the 1st in this series and the 2nd one is on my list to read next.

8. What was the last book you didn't finish reading? Why didn't you finish?: I don't remember the last one I started and not finish

9. Who was the last family member you hugged?: Tony or my mom

10. Would you kiss the last person you kissed again?:  Yes Tony and tony only :c)

11. When was the last time you used AIM? What's your screenname?:  LoL who knows

12. Did you personally know the last person who friend requested you?:  No

13. Is the last person you texted a girl or a boy?:  Girl

14. What was the last candy you ate?:  Pixie sticks today

15. What was the last thing you baked?:  a pizza

16. The last time you got gas, about how much was it?  day before yesterday and about $3.33 I think

17. What was the last thing you bought from a grocery store?: Food lol

18. The last time you went to the mall, who did you go with?:  halloween by myself

19. Are you still talking to the last friend you got into a fight with?: Yes

20. The last person you had a crush on, did they like you back?: Yes

21. Who was the last baby you interacted with?:  ?

22. Who was the last person you spoke to who has facial hair?: Tony

23. What was the last holiday you celebrated?: Halloween

24. When was the last time you got gas?: Umm wasn't this #16

25. When was the last time you got fast food? What did you order?: Lunch at Chickfila

26. What did you dress up as last Halloween?: Nothing..wait I put on kitty ears

27. What was the last website you were on (before this one)?: Facebook

28. Who was the last person you IMed?: No clue..

29. When did you last watch a sunrise or sunset?: sunrise with Tony in daytona beach

30. How much did you spend the last time you bought something?:  a lot for groceries lol

31. What was the last video you watched on YouTube?: Dunno

32. What color hair did the last person you kissed have?: brown

33. Which parent did you last argue with?: don't really argue with my parents lol

34. What was the last piercing you got? How much did it hurt?: My ears.. when I was too young to remember how much it hurt lol

35. The last time you were in a vehicle, who was driving?: Today - Me

36. Where were you going the last time you drove on the parkway?: a parkway?

37. What was the last club you were at?: probably Market Street... 5+ years ago for 80s night

38. Who was the last person to smoke a cigarette in your presence?:  dunno

39. Where is the last person you had a crush on?:  sitting next to me :c) [heeey Tony]

40. What was the last job you applied for?:  The one I'm at

41. Think of the last job interview you had. Did you get the job?: Yeah

42. Why did you last cry?: probably for a movie lol

43. What was the last cellphone you had (before your current)?: an operable one

44. When was the last time you saw someone you disliked?: No clue

45. What was the last thing you got in the mail?: junk

46. What was the last kind of milk you drank?: dunno don't drink it much -shameonme-

47. Who was the last person to ask you out on a date?: Tony

48. What was the last thing you put in a microwave?: dunno

49. The last person you hugged, are they male or female?: Male...wasn't there a hug question up there too? lol

50. Who was the last teacher to make a lasting impression on you?: don't remember