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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Downtown Disney Arts Fair Preview

This weekend I went with some friends to Orlando.  On Saturday we went to the arts festival at downtown Disney.  It was a lot of fun!  Below is a sampling from the pictures.  I'll be sharing more later. :c)
This was a Disney artist there :c)

The sidewalk art was amazing!

Same picture, but I love it in B&W too :c)

Unfinished piece of sidewalk art.

True artists aren't scared to get a little dirty.

I supposed I had a fascination with Becca's  I liked how they looked compared to the texture of the wood planks as we were waiting on the boat.

...and against the bricks as we were walking to the parking lot.

Took some pictures on the ride home

On the ride home I was playing around with settings :c)

I have lots more to go through and share.  I'm sure you are as excited as this lady! :c)