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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Hey It's OK, Tuesday.

Idea borrowed from Amber which is borrowed from Glamour Magazine.

- To not feel like it's Thanksgiving in a couple of days.  For one it seems like it's come up too soon, but on the other hand there's so much more Christmas stuff even earlier this year it feels like Thanksgiving was already passed.   We're almost to 2012 people! :c)

- To think there is a lot of talent on the X Factor show this season, interesting to see what they find next season.

- To have sent Astro home last week if you were a judge on the X Factor.  I realize he's young, but his attitude  was uncalled for and Stacy Francis was another great talent that should have had more time on the show too.

- to not be able to think up much on these blogs lol.

- to be excited for Charles and Alli Trippy getting married this past weekend; even though you don't personally know them, just on Youtube lol.  The videos from the wedding are gorgeous! :c)

- to be done with this entry :c)

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